I like your sat and I love australia and I love your sat and i love susheg

And. I ove your boot and I love your in sod uv it and I love your

Sumooff and I love your coos and I love your stuff and I love your

Kangaroo and your adoring E and I love your sff


I had a lot uv foon and a lot uv pepel

He peg and shearin caus smash

And it woos good and a   Maseg

And her gat   And

I rell rell amaseg


Cade To bush to bush



I love pool and i love and I love the and I had to go to a. Sep over and

I love the spp over


I love a fooh and i love a wet dourot

And wen we got to see the

Fooh and i wet to a wetdouwot

And i he'd good day and i aat a lot ov

Food anda and i foot

French and iygot rate fy scooll And

Tet woos asommyo and I had

A foon day woos

Have a ANSI loved it


I love the Golden Sandal. She is a princess. And she is a nice person. And she lost her sandal. And she likes to get married. She likes to dance.


My body het me wetu a role

And my fohed


I love this sogy and the detes the star spangled   Banner .and it's great. Because it has details. It sounds like when a mother and dad they thibk of and it sounds better and neat.


I liked what a wonderful world. Because it is good. And it has good words. And it has piano. And the persons singing.


I like tous sogouy    And is. Good         Amaseg. I like Georgia on my mind.